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3582A Agilent Spectrum Analyzer

The 3582A is a 25 kHz Spectrum Analyzer from Agilent. A spectrum analyzer measures the power of spectrums of known and unknown signals. Spectrum analyzers collect information such as the magnitude of an input signal compared to its frequency. As a frequency analyzer, spectrum analyzers’ main use is to document and analyze electrical input signals as well as spectral compositions of other signals.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency range: 0.02 Hz-25.5 kHz
  • Transfer function magnitude and phase measurements
  • Coherence function measurement
  • Phase spectrum measurement
  • Transient capture and frequency domain analysis
  • Internal periodic and random noise source
  • Band selectable analysis for 0.02 Hz resolution
  • Alphanumeric CRT annotation and marker readout

The Agilent 3582A is a dual channel, real-time spectrum analyzer that solves bench and systems measurement problems in the frequency range of 0.02 Hz to 25.599 kHz. Sophisticated LSI digital filtering combined with microcomputer execution of the FFT provides exceptional measurement capability and performance.

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