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3625 NF Corporation Filter


The 3625 is a Filter from NF Corporation. Electronic filters perform a variety of signal-processing functions with the purpose of removing a signal’s unwanted frequency components, enhance desired ones, or both. There are many types of electronic test equipment filters, including those that are passive, active, analog, digital, low pass, high pass, linear, and nonlinear. Linear filters are the most commonly used for most electronic equipment applications.

Additional Features:

  • Cutoff frequency: 0.01 Hz to 159.9 kHz
  • No. of channels: 2
  • Roll off: 48dB/oct
  • Max. output current: ±100 mA
  • Filter mode: LP-MF, LP-PL, HPF, BPF, BEF, THRU (MF: maximum flat, PL: phase linear)
  • Operational modes: SEPARATE (separate CH-A and CH-B), CASCADE (serially connected CH-A and CH-B)
  • Pass band gain: X1, X2, X5 selectable at both input and output
  • Input type: Single-ended or floating, selectable
  • Frequency response in THRU mode: DC to 1 MHz (+0.5, -3 dB) typ
  • Input impedance 1MΩ ± 2%
  • Maximum attenuation: 100 dB or greater (up to 100 kHz); 80 dB or greater (up to 1 MHz)
  • GPIB: Standard
  • Power requirements: AC100, 120, 220 or 240V± 10% (max. 250V), switchable
  • Dimensions (mm): 434(W) X 132.5(H) X 400(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 10.5kg
  • Low distortion about 0.02% and low noise about 100 μVrms
  • Function: THRU (vai only input and output amplifiers), LP-MF (max. flat), LP-PL (phase linear ), HPE, BPF and BEF
  • Mode: SEPARATE (independent operating CH-A and CH-B), CASCADE (cascaded CH-A and CH-B)

The NF Corporation 3625 Dual Channel Programmable filter has an extremely wide frequency range with cutoff frequency 0.01 Hz to to 159.9 kHz for LPF, HPE, BPF and BEF(option).The use of the 3620 series is not limited to electronics; it also covers a wide field of physical experiments, studies on physical properties and other related areas. Its attenuation slope is 48dB/oct, and phase linear response is also available in the LPF mode.

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