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410A Keithley PicoAmmeter

The 410A is a PicoAmmeter from Keithley. When you need to measure extremely low current levels in the picoampere range - a picoammeter is the right instrument. Picoammeters from Keithley can measure down to 20 femtoamperes.

Additional Features:

  • Range: 3 x 10’13 ampere full scale to 10.3 ampere in twenty Ix and 3x ranges. positive or negative currents.
  • Accuracy: 12% of full scale on 10’” to XV ampere ranges: *4%off”li scaleon 3 x 10+to3 x 10’~~ampere ranges.
  • Zero Drift: Less than 0.5% of full scale per week plus 0.02% per “C on ice to l0.y ampere ranges; less than 1.5% per week plus 0.06% per “C on 3 x 1Q.13a mpere range after a l&minute warm-up with source voltage* greater than 1 “OIL
  • Offset Current: Less than lo-” ampere.
  • Input Voltage Drop: Less than 1 millivolt for full. scale meter deflection on any range when properly zeroed.
  • Effective Input Resistance: Less than 1 ohm on lo’” ampere range, increasing to less than 3 x 109 ohms on 3 x lo“3 ampere range.
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