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4268A Agilent Capacitance Meter

The 4268A is a capacitance meter from Agilent. Capacitance meters are used to measure discrete capacitors and come in bench and portable varieties.

Additional Features:

The Agilent 4268A Capacitance Meter offers the ability to test high value multi-layer ceramic capacitors at a constant large test signal level and at high speed. The constant test level feature allows the MLCCs to be tested, in compliance with IEC 384-10 standard, for up to 70 uF at 1 V RMS at 1 kHz. 120 Hz measurement ensures the constant 1 RMS test signal for up to 600 uF. The Agilent 4268A can provide measured values along with comparator results within 25 ms, maximizing test throughput in MLCC production lines.

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