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4329A Agilent Resistance Meter

The 4329A is a used Resistance Meter from Agilent. A resistance meter is a type of test equipment that measures resistance (Ohms). These include ohmmeters, megohmeters, and more.

Additional Features:

  • Measures 500 kOhms to 2 x 10e-16 Ohms
  • Selectable test voltages 10 V to 1000 V
  • Current ranges from 5 x 10e-14 A to 2 x 10e-5 A
  • Measure currents as low as 0.05 pA
  • Analog meter

The Agilent 4329A is a solid-state insulation resistance meter designed for easy, accurate and direct readings of the very high resistance values typically found in synthetic resins, porcelain, insulating oils and similar materials. The Agilent 4329A is also useful for measurements in electrical components like capacitors, transformers, switches and cables. Seven fully regulated DC test voltages (between 10 and 1000 V) are provided as test sources. Measures 500 kohms to 2x10E+16 ohms.

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