4602B Bruel & Kjaer Vibration and Sound


Additional Features:

  • Measurements in standardised speaking positions: LRGP, HATS, and AEN (ITU-T) and REF (OREM A)
  • Accommodates IEC318, NBS9A and ITU-T P.51 Type 3.2 Artificial Ears
  • Optimised acoustic design to minimise diffraction and reflection

The Bruel + Kjaer Telephone Test Head 4602B allows accurate and repeatable positioning and subsequent measurement of a telephone handset in the standardized LRGP, HATS and AEN positions as recommended by the ITU-T, as well as in the REF position (OREM A). It is used as a general test jig with other Brüel & Kjær measurement equipment. The 4602B has been designed to accommodate handsets with antennas.

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ManufacturerBruel & Kjaer
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