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4620 AEMC Resistance Meter

The 4620 is a resistance meter from AEMC. A resistance meter is a type of test equipment that measures resistance (Ohms). These include ohmmeters, megohmeters, and more.

Additional Features:

  • Measures soil resistivity (4-Point) method
  • Measures ground resistance (2- and 3-Point) Fall-of-Potential method
  • Step voltage tests and touch potential measurements
  • Auto-Ranging: automatically selects the optimum range
  • Designed to reject high levels of noise and interference
  • Extremely simple to operate: connect – press – read
  • LED on faceplate informs operator of high input noise, high auxiliary rod resistance and fault connections
  • Large easy-to-read backlit display
  • Battery powered
  • Rugged dustproof and rainproof field case
  • Can also be used for continuity tests on bonding
  • Color-coded terminals

The AEMC Digital Ground Resistance Tester Model 4620 performs ground resistance and soil resistivity tests. These direct reading testers measure from 0 to 2000Ω, and are autoranging, so they automatically seek out the optimum measurement range. Easy-to-use--simply connect the leads, Press-to-Measure and read the results.

The large LCD (nearly 3/4" high characters) is easy-to-read, and also indicates low battery status, overrange and test lead shorts and lead reversals. Three LED indicators on the front panel continuously warn the user of measurement problems to ensure accurate and reliable tests.

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