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502A Keithley Milli Ohmmeter

The 502A is a Milli Ohmmeter from Keithley. When engineers need to collect information regarding electrical connections such as wires, conduits, or cables, they use a milliohm meter. This piece of electronic testing equipment measures the smallest resistance values. An engineer would use a milliohm meter instead of a traditional ohmmeter to document and log resistance amounts at the lower end of the scale (small values of ohms).

 Additional Features:

  • Sensitivity to 30 micro ohms
  • Accuracy 3% of full scale
  • Dissipation less than 2 microwatts
  • Voltage across sample less than 25mV peak to peak
  • Battery operation better than 360 hours

The Keithley 502A Millohmmeter is designed for fast, accurate low resistance measurements in the laboratory and the field. It gives rapid indications without zero drift or errors due to thermal emf’s. The readings are presented on a linear scale in 13 overlapping ranges. The typical applications include resistivity measurements.

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