54200 Fluke TV Generator


The 54200 is a TV generator from Fluke. At ValueTronics, we sell a variety of used and refurbished testing products for televisions from the manufacturers Tektronix, Wegener, and others. The electronic test equipment we have for TVs includes the television demodulation system, NTSC television waveform monitor, NTSC television generator, component/PAL television generator, and broadcast digital television processor.

Additional Features:

  • Accurately set luminance and chrominance amplitudes with the up and down keys or the numerical keyboard
  • Store up to 99 different test situation settings for later instantaneous recall
  • Select the main functions directly on the front-panel keyboard
  • More advanced functions can be accessed using soft keys and the large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with its familiar graphical interface
  • Meets CCIR, EBU, FCC, ITU and EIA analog television standards
  • More the 500 digitally generated test patterns for PAL, NTSC and SECAM, including 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios
  • High precision setting and indication for video, chrominance and RF amplitudes
  • Very stable RF terrestrial output with internal/external modulation, group delay pre-correction and a level up to 100 mV

The Fluke 54200 TV Signal Generator offers sound test signals and a highly stable RF output, making it ideal for completer testing of TV sets, VCRs or other related equipment.

The 54200 offers selectable TC standards (PAL, NTSC, SECAM), text functions and a choice of signal outputs. You can choose from a number of readily available pre-configurations, or select an instrument that precisely matches tour testing requirements, specifying options from a range of stereo sound, data services and interface functions.

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