54200 Fluke TV Generator


Additional Features:

  • Accurately set luminance and chrominance amplitudes with the up and down keys or the numerical keyboard
  • Store up to 99 different test situation settings for later instantaneous recall
  • Select the main functions directly on the front-panel keyboard
  • More advanced functions can be accessed using soft keys and the large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with its familiar graphical interface
  • Meets CCIR, EBU, FCC, ITU and EIA analog television standards
  • More the 500 digitally generated test patterns for PAL, NTSC and SECAM, including 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios
  • High precision setting and indication for video, chrominance and RF amplitudes
  • Very stable RF terrestrial output with internal/external modulation, group delay pre-correction and a level up to 100 mV

The Fluke 54200 TV Signal Generator offers sound test signals and a highly stable RF output, making it ideal for completer testing of TV sets, VCRs or other related equipment.

The 54200 offers selectable TC standards (PAL, NTSC, SECAM), text functions and a choice of signal outputs. You can choose from a number of readily available pre-configurations, or select an instrument that precisely matches tour testing requirements, specifying options from a range of stereo sound, data services and interface functions.

More Information
54011PAL: PAL Standard
54012NTSC: NTSC Standard
54013SECAM: SECAM Standard
54031RGB: RGB + YCrCb + YC
54032GPIB: IEEE/RS-232 Interface
54061STEREO: Mono Sound + Analog Stereo
54062NICAM: Mono Sound + NICAM Sound
54063BTSC: Mono Sound + BTSC Sound
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