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580 Keithley Micro Ohmmeter

The 580 is a Micro Ohmmeter from Keithley. Micro ohmmeters take low-resistance measurements of a device’s electrical resistance, or resistance to an electric current. Micro ohmmeters collect information in ohms, the measure of electrical resistance. With a micro ohmmeter, engineers can document, analyze, and log the contact resistance of devices, such as rail/pipeline bonds, aircraft frame bonds, circuit breakers, and switch breakers.
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Additional Features:

  • 10µ sensitivity
  • 20mV voltage clamp
  • Selectable test current waveforms
  • Optional IEEE-488 interface
  • Optional battery

The Keithley 580 Micro-ohmmeter combines high accuracy, resolution, and sensitivity with three special capabilities that make micro-ohm measurements easier and more versatile than ever. When measuring contact and connector resistances, it is important not to puncture oxides and films that may have formed. The Model 580 ensures this dry-circuit condition by clamping the open-circuit test voltage to 20mV on the 200m, 2, and 20 ranges when the 20mV MAX button is pressed.

The Keithley 580 can test more devices by enabling both test current polarity and waveform (DC or pulsed) to be selected. When using pulsed test current, the Model 580 automatically compensates for thermoelectric EMFs. Tests on inductive devices are best performed using DC test current, as this avoids the effects of time constants on pulsed current resistance measurements. For temperature-sensitive components, a single trigger mode of operation minimizes power delivered to the device.

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