585C EIP Microwave Frequency Counter



  • Repetitive pulsed RF signals as narrow as 50 ns with prfs from 250 ns to 1 second can be measured. Using the Inhibit In connector the 585C can profile pulsed or chirped signals with measurement windows as narrow as 15 ns.
  • A 9 digit sectionalized LED display provides easy frequency determination. Input sensitivity is -20 dBm from 950 MHz to 20 GHz. An IEEE-488 interface is standard.


  • 20 GHz

The 585C measures CW or pulsed microwave RF signals. The CW measurement range is 100 Hz to 20 GHz. The pulsed RF measurement range is 250 MHz to 20 GHz.

More Information
ManufacturerEIP Microwave
Frequency20 GHz
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