6900B Krohn Hite Analyzer


Additional Features:

  • Fully Automatic Distortion Measurements
  • Frequency Range: 5 Hz to 1 MHz, Auto Nulling
  • Voltage Range: 100mV RMS to 130V RMS,
  • Auto Leveling
  • Measures Distortion Down to 0.005%
  • Measures AC Voltage: 0.010V RMS to 130V RMS,
  • 5 Hz to 1 MHz
  • Internal Oscillator: 1 kHz, <.003% Distortion
  • “Hands Off” Operation

The Krohn-Hite Model 6900B is the first and only fully automatic Distortion Analyzer to provide an easy solution to your distortion and AC voltage measurements over the frequency range from 5 Hz to 1 MHz.

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ManufacturerKrohn Hite
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