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720390 Biddle Calibrator

The 720390 is a calibrator from Biddle. Electronic calibrations are necessary for maintaining your equipment for general monitoring and testing purposes. Calibrators enable you to solve problems with your equipment on your own, on site.

Additional Features:

  • Resolution: Voltage: 0.001 Volts, mAmps: 0.01 mAmps, OHMS: 0.1 W
  • Temperature: 1 Degree
  • Frequency: Hz
  • Leakage Current: 0.1 MicroAMPS
  • Input Resistance: 1000 MW
  • Output Resistance: 25 W
  • Operating Range: -10 to 45 Degrees C
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable nickle cadmium 20 hr. operation measuring
  • Size: 162 x 300 x 245 mm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Seven major instruments  in one instrument
  • Sensitive, accurate millivolt circuit tolerances high levels of interference in high and low ambient temperature regions.
  • Remains accurate over a wide range of severe shock and temperature conditions by fast-response compensating reference junctions.
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