8018A Agilent Data Generator

The 8018A is a Data Generator from Agilent. Data signal generators are electronic test equipment that generates non-repeating or repeating signals. Engineers use data signal generators for a variety of applications, including the design, test, troubleshooting, and repair of electronic devices as well as for some artistic uses.

Additional Features:

  • For dual-channel applications, the memory splits so that the outputs have independent 1 Kbits of data.
  • High performance output amplifier delivers clean, 6 ns pulses with repetition rates from DC to 50 Mbits/s.
  • Output amplitude is variable up to 15 V into 50 ohms enabling the Agilent 8018A to directly drive logic circuits ranging from TTL to CMOS.
  • Output levels for ECL are also provided.

With 2048 programmable bits, and a choice of pseudo-random binary sequences (prbs) ranging to over 1 Mbits, the Agilent 8018A Serial Data Generator is a powerful stimulator for serial digital systems and devices requiring high bit rate and fast pulses. Even preamble-data-post-amble data link patterns are feasible by combining prbs and programmed data. Useful synch outputs simplify testing by locking scope or analyzer to unique points in the data stream.

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