80A05 Tektronix Module



  • Enumerated Bit Rates between 50 Mb/s and 12.6 Gb/s
  • Provides fully integrated 80C12B Electrical Clock Recovery Support
  • Clean 50 Ω Path for the Best Signal Acquisition Fidelity


  • Serial Data Link and Device Characterization for Computer, Communications, and Consumer Applications
  • Compliance Testing of Electrical Signaling
  • High-speed Optical Communications Testing
  • Jitter, Noise, BER, and Signal Impairment Analysis

The 80A05 provides high level of integration and the best sensitivity available, and is the optimal solution for testing of optical transmitter components and electrical components of optical systems. The 80A05 PLL loop bandwidth selection is automatic with no interaction, leading to easy setup and operation.

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