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8903B Agilent Audio Analyzer


The 8903B is a 100 kHz Audio Analyzer from Agilent. With an audio spectrum analyzer, measure frequency response, level and gain, phase intermodulation distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, crosstalk, time domain display, and total harmonic distortion plus noise.

Additional Features:

  • Measures distortion, SINAD, signal-to-noise
  • Measures true-RMS AC volts, DC volts, frequency
  • Low-distortion programmable source
  • RMS, average, and quasi-peak detection
  • 50/600 Ohm Input resistance
  • Balance Input
  • Plug In Filters
  • Sweep capability

The Agilent HP 8903B combines the functionality of a low-distortion audio source, high-performance distortion analyzer, frequency counter, AC voltmeter, DC voltmeter, and SINAD meter into one compact package. With microprocessor control of source and analyzer, it can perform stimulus-response measurements (such as signal-to-noise ratio and swept distortion) automatically with no additional equipment.

For accurate measurement of complex waveforms and noise, the analyzers use true-rms detection. Average (rms calibrated) and quasi-peak detection are also available via front panel control. Accurate distortion measurements can typically be made down to less than –90 dB (0.003%) between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. Over the same frequency range, flatness measurements are possible to 0.05 dB (0.5%). The analyzers precision reciprocal counter gives you fast, accurate characterizations of audio frequencies. For example, when counting a 1 kHz signal, the analyzers will be accurate within ±0.14 Hz.

For ease of use, most measurements are made with one or two keystrokes. The 8903B automatically tunes and autoranges for maximum accuracy and resolution. For quick identification of input signals, the analyzers count and display the input frequency in all ac measurement modes. The 8903B can also measure distortion of one signal while generating another frequency, because analyzer tuning and source frequency are independent.

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