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938A Agilent Generator

The 938A is a generator from Agilent. A signal generator is a device that creates electronic signals, repeating or non-repeating, in the digital or analog domains, depending on need. Signal generators design, test, troubleshoot, and repair electronic devices across many different industries and applications.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency range: 18 to 26.5 GHz
  • May be driven by signal generators, sweep oscillators, or other microwave signal sources
  • Output power: 0.5 to 1 mW
  • Output monitor accuracy: ±2 dB
  • Output attenuator: 100 dB ± 2% of reading or 0.2 dB

The Agilent 938A Doubler supplies power from 18 to 26.5 GHz when driven by a 9 to 13.5 GHz source. The doubler set consists of broadband harmonic generators suitably mounted in a waveguide selection, a power monitor, a broad stopband low-pass filter, and a precision attenuator.

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