9803 BK Precision AC Source

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Additional Features:

  • Voltage (RMS): 300
  • Max Power: 750VA
  • Output frequency: 45 Hz–500 Hz
  • Single phase
  • Select 150 V/300 V autoranging or 300V range operation for continuous sweep from 0-300V
  • Displays Vrms, Irms, Ipeak, frequency, PF, apparent power, true power, and elapsed output time
  • Adjustable phase angle control
  • Programmable voltage and frequency limit settings
  • Built-in PLD and dimmer simulation
  • Voltage and frequency sweep mode
  • List mode: 10 user-defined programs with up to 100 programmable steps each
  • BNC I/O for external triggering, output status indication/control, and synchronization
  • Save and recall up to 100 instrument settings
  • Standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS232, LAN and GPIB interfaces
  • OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP protection modes and key lock function
  • Pre-compliance testing for voltage dips and frequency simulations according to IEC61000-4-11 / 4-14 / 4-28
  • LabVIEW driver and softpanel for remote control available
  • Included Accessories: Unterminated Power Cord with Input Connector, Rackmount ears with Handles, Test Report & Certificate of Calibration
  • Two-Year Warranty

The BK Precision 9803 is both a programmable AC source and measurement tool. This fully programmable linear AC source delivers a maximum of 750 VA through the universal line output terminals on the front and the output connector on the rear. The output can be varied from 0 to 300 V with 0.1 V programming resolution. The output frequency can also be adjusted from 45 Hz to 500 Hz with start and stop phase angle from 0 to 360 degrees. The bright VFD display shows Vrms, Irms, Ipeak, frequency, power factor (PF), apparent power, true power, and elapsed output time.

These AC sources provide a power line disturbance (PLD) simulator, list mode, and sweep mode for simulation of common power grid faults and disturbances. A built-in dimmer function is also available for testing motors and LEDs.

List mode can be used to generate sequences of waveforms such as surges, sags, and frequency disturbances. The programmed list can be triggered from the front panel or via BNC connector on the rear.

Standard USB, RS232, LAN and GPIB (9803 and 9805 models only) interfaces can be used to remotely control the source via a PC. 
Free application software and LabVIEW driver are available to reduce programming time and increase productivity.

Common applications
The 9800 Series AC power sources are suitable for evaluating transformers, TRIACs, SCRs and passive components as well as production, R&D, service, and pre-compliance testing.

Flexible operation

List Mode
List mode supports the generation of more complex sequences with varying times, amplitudes, and frequencies. Up to 100 steps in 10 groups can be saved and executed. This allows the user to build a wide range of waveforms in a sequence to simulate grid faults and disturbances. The programmed list can be triggered from the front panel or via BNC connector on the rear.

Power line disturbance (PLD) simulator
The PLD simulator is an extended feature of list mode that provides the user with more control over the disturbance insertion into the waveform. This can be useful for evaluating a product’s immunity performance. For instance, a user could produce common waveform disturbances like surge, sag, spikes, and dropouts at user-defined locations on the waveform.

Sweep mode
The sweep function is ideal for testing the efficiency of switching power supplies or capturing the maximum operating power requirements of the device under test.

User-defined voltage and frequency sweeps can be created independently or combined. Up to 10 sweep profiles can be stored and recalled.

Dimmer simulation
The dimmer feature can be used for many test applications such as motor control and lighting. By controlling the phase cut-off of the AC sine wave’s leading or trailing edge, the dimmer simulation varies the RMS voltage supplied to the load under test. The phase cut-off can be adjusted for leading or trailing edge dimming between 0 – 180 degrees.

Application software
PC software is provided for front panel emulation, generating and executing list, PLD, and sweep profiles, or logging measurement data without the need to write source code. The 9800 Series also Supports NI Data Dashboard for LabVIEW.

More Information
ManufacturerBK Precision
Amps12 A
Frequency500 Hz
Power (VA)750 VA
Volts300 V
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