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AP033 LeCroy Differential Probe

The AP033 is a Differential Probe from LeCroy. A differential probe is an active probe that has two inputs. A negative and positive input along with a ground lead that drives a 50 Ohm cable to transmit the output ot a digital oscilloscope channel.

Additional Features:

  • 500 MHz Bandwidth
  • x10 Gain to ÷10 Attenuation Range
  • 10,000: 1 DC CMRR
  • Low 4 nV/ √ Hz Noise
  • 2 pF/Side Input C
  • 200 μ V/div - 10 V/div
  • Input ESD Protection
  • Autobalance Feature

The LeCroy AP033 is a high-performance active differential probe. High bandwidth, excellent common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and low-noise floor make the LeCroy AP033 ideal for applications such as disk drive design and failure analysis as well as wireless and data communication design.

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