APS-7050 Instek AC Source

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  • 4.3” large LCD Display
  • Measurement Function: Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Power Factor, Crest Factor, Apparent Power, Ipeak, Ipk hold
  • Surge/Dip Control Mode
  • Frequency: 45.0 ~ 500.0Hz (Std); 45.0 ~ 999.9Hz (Opt)
  • Voltage Range (RMS): 155V (Std)/310V (Std)/600V (Opt)
  • OVP/OCP/OTP Protection
  • Simulate Mode, Sequence Mode, Program Mode
  • Ramp Control Function
  • ARB (Function Waveform) Mode
  • Standard Interface: USB/LAN
  • Optional Interface: RS-232 & USB CDC/GPIB
  • The Broad Power Output Range of The Series is Ideal for Various Power Supply Manufacturers
  • The Development of Electronic Components and Testing Applications for Manufacturers
  • Incoming Quality Control and R & D Applications
  • Small AC Current Measurement

The Instek APS-7050 is a precision AC power source, but also a power analyzer, containing abundant features for thetesting and characteristic analysis of power supplies, electronic devices, components and modules. In additional to ACpower Source, the APS-7050 is fully programmable to stimulate different power outputs. Sequence can be created using arbitrary waveforms as well as voltage or frequency sweep.

The APS-7000 Series comprises nine measurement functions (Vrms, Irms, F, Ipk, W, VA, PF, lpk hold, CF), and provides user interface similar to that of AC Power Meter. The APS-7000 Series, internal circuit design 4 sets of current range to improve measurement resolution, is ideal for the LED industry and standby mode power consumption test. Under the ARB (function waveform) mode, the APS-7000 Series provides waveforms, including SINE waveform, Triangle waveform, Staircase waveform, Clipped Sinewave, Crest factor waveform, Surge waveform, and Fourier series to meet the requirement of simulating abnormal input power waveform test of different industry.

The APS-7000 Series features five methods to cope with special purpose or abnormal voltage, frequency, and phase; ten sets of the Simulate mode simulate power outage, voltage rise, and voltage fall; ten sets of the Sequence mode allow users to define parameters and produce sine wave by editing steps; Ramp Control allows users to set the variation speed for output voltage rise and fall; Surge/Dip Control simulates DUT's input power producing a Surge or Dip voltage overlapping with output voltage waveform at a specific time. Ethernet Port, on the rear panel of the series, can be used for remote program control; Sync Output Socket provides external 10V sync output; Signal Output Connector provides monitor of Program execution results. the APS-7000 Series also provides Trigger In/Out and Output on/off remote control functions from J1 connector on the rear panel.

More Information
Amps2.1 A
Frequency550 Hz
Power (VA)500 VA
Volts310 V
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