AR1929-20 Comtech PST RF Amplifier


Additional Features:

  • 1-2 GHz
  • 20Watt
  • Provides 43 dB gain
  • Input Overdrive: 10 dB above 1 dB compression
  • RF Input Signals: CW, FM, AM, and pulse/phase modulation
  • Small Signal Gain Flatness: ±1.0 dB
  • Noise Figure: 10 dB Typical
  • Harmonics: -20 dBc
  • Spurious Signals: -60 dBc
  • Input VSWR: 2:1 Load VSWR: Open or short-circuit protected, unconditionally stable
  • RF In/Out Connector: o Up to 50 W: Type N, female bulkhead front panel mounted
  • > 50 W: Type N, female bulkhead rear panel mounted
  • AC Input: Universal AC input for models up to 100 watts Units above 100 watts are supplied at 220 VAC

The Comtech AR1929-20 amplifier is a rack-mountable unit which incorporates the Series AM amplifier in a cabinet containing a built-in universal AC power supply (for models up to 100 watts). They are forced-air cooled by blowers built into the mechanical package. AR models are also available with an optional IEEE BUS for remote control and monitoring (ARD version).

More Information
ManufacturerComtech PST
Power50 W
Frequency2 GHz
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