B1511A Agilent Keysight HP Module



  • MPSMU - Range up to 100 V / 100 mA with 4-quadrant operation
  • Minimum measurement resolution 10 fA / 0.5 μV
  • Minimum source resolution 50 fA / 25 µV
  • Max Pulse Width of 2 s
  • Optional ASU (atto-sense and switch unit) is supported to expand the range down to 1pA range with 0.1 fA measurement resolution

Source/Measure Units (SMUs), such as the Keysight B1511A (Agilent), are the key measurement modules of the Agilent / Keysight B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer. The SMUs integrate voltage/current source and measurement capabilities into a module, and it enables accurate DC current-voltage (IV) measurement with down to fA / µV resolution. The low current measurement performance can be expanded down to sub-fA level by the optional ASU (Atto sense switch unit) if you need more measurement performance.

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ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
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