B1520A Agilent Keysight HP Curve Tracer



  • Multi frequency AC impedance measurement capability for CV (Capacitance - Voltage), C-t (Capacitance - time) and C-(Capacitance - frequency) measurement
  • Supported measurement: Cp-G, Cp-D, Cp-Q, Cp-Rs, Cs-Rs, Cs-D, Cs-Q, Lp-G, Lp-D, Lp-Q, Lp-Rs, Ls-Rs, Ls-D, Ls-Q, R-X, G-B, Z-θ, Y-θ
  • Easy and fast yet accurate IV and CV measurements by automated connection change by the optional SCUU


  • Frequency range from 1 kHz to 5 MHz with minimum 1 mHz frequency resolution
  • 25 V built-in DC bias and 100 V DC bias with SMU and SCUU (SMU CMU Unify Unit)
  • Up to 250 mVrms signal level
  • 1001 sweep points in CV, C-f and C-t measurement

Keysight B1520A Multi Frequency Capacitance Measurement Unit (MFCMU) of Keysight B1500A is backed up by Keysight LCR meter technology and knowledge for many years. It can expand accurate capacitance measurement capability on the Keysight B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer. The combination of MFCMU and Source/Measure Units (SMUs) makes Keysight B1500A complete IV and CV measurement solution from basic IV to various capacitance measurements such as CV, C-t, C-f and Quasi-Static CV (QS-CV) in a box. Along with analysis and data management capability of EasyEXPERT software, it is very powerful and useful to perform IV and CV characterizations for a wide range of devices such as semiconductor, carbon nanotube (CNT), carbon nanowire (CNW), active/passive component, material and any electric devices that require accurate and precise IV and CV measurement.

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ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
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