CLCE-1032 Com-Power Probe

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RF Current Monitor Probe, 32 mm, 9 kHz - 1000 MHz

  • Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 1000 MHz
  • Suitable for CISPR, Mil-Std 461 & DO-160
  • Individual calibration
  • Window (Aperture) Inside Diameter: 1.26" (32 mm)
  • Connector: Type-N (Female)
  • Transfer impedance (ZtΩ): 1Ω
  • Transfer impedance (dBΩ): -40 to 2 dBΩ (typical)
  • Max Primary Current (DC-60 Hz): 150 Amps
  • Max Primary Current (400 Hz): 135 Amps

The CLCE-1032 RF Current Probe is part of Com-Power's extensive line of radio frequency conducted emission/ immunity test equipment and calibration accessories.

The CLCE-1032 is suitable for compliance measurements required by CISPR 22, CISPR 32, DO-160, Mil-Std 461 etc, as well as for applied current monitoring during conducted immunity tests.

Its design incorporates a split-core ferrite in a rugged, circular hinged enclosure; thereby allowing the probe to be opened on one side in order to easily place the wire, cable(s) or cable bundle(s) to be tested into the probe window, making the CLCE-1032 much more convenient to use than other non-split core probes.

The CLCE-1032 is designed to be used in conjunction with a spectrum analyzer or EMI receiver or any 50Ω impedance measurement equipment, which measures magnitude quantities in terms of true rms voltage.

The Transfer Impedance conversion factor, defined as the ratio of secondary voltage to the primary current, is usually expressed in terms of dB over 1Ω, It is used to convert the voltage quantity into a current quantity, expressed in terms of dB over 1 uA.

The conversion factor may also be derived from the Transfer Admittance value, expressed in terms of dB over 1 S.

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