CP1-C Megger Probe



  • Concentric Probe 1 - connect
  • Concentric duplex connect probe

Duplex connect concentric handspike with sprung loaded potential tip fitted with a connector socket for easy connection to any connector test lead. The C connection is made via an outer hardened and tempered steel crown with two contact points or tips. The replaceable central potential probe tip has a hardened needle point, gold plated for excellent low resistance contact. The P tip is sprung to provide 1.3kg of force and uses a stainless steel spring. Ideal for general applications where a good reliable connection is required on none coated or corroded surfaces. The long probe length and small diameter makes this probe ideal for reaching deeply recessed terminal screws. There are also applications where connection to rivet heads or screw/bolt heads are required. To further limit the possibility of damage to test piece waffle tip, sometimes referred to a serrated tip is available as an option.

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