DL708 Yokogawa Digital Oscilloscope


Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Up to 8 isolated analog channels – modular and mixable
  • Record Length: 400 k words; 16 M words (with high-speed module)
  • Sample Rate: 10 MS/s
  • GP-IB, Serial (RS-232) Centronics Interface, VGA Output
  • 10 bit @ 10MS/s, 16 bit @ 100KS/s, strain or thermocouple
  • Up to 16 logic inputs
  • Up to 8 channels isolated inputs
  • Storage Media
  • 1.44 Mb Floppy drive
  • Large 10.4-inch color TFT display
  • A wide viewing angle color LCD enables waveforms to be displayed clearly 
  • Built-in printer and centronics interface
  • Compact and light weight
  • 3.5-inch FDD, standard
More Information
Frequency100 MHz
Record Length400 kPts
Sampling Rate10 MS/s
(1X) 701855High-Speed Isolation Module (HS_ISOL)
(7X) 701850The High-Speed Isolation Module
1100-120 VAC
C8Internal hard disk + SCSI Interface*2
D UL/CSA standard power cord (A1006WD) Maximum rated voltage: 125 V, maximum rated current: 7 A
M2Memory extension to 2MW/CH*1
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