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DL750 Yokogawa Digital Oscilloscope

The DL750 is a 100 MHz, 8 Channel digital oscilloscope from Yokogawa. Measure voltage or current signals over time in an electronic circuit or component to display amplitude, frequency and rise times, etc. Applications include troubleshooting, production test, and design.

Additional Features:

  • Integration of a High-Speed sampler (Oscilloscope) and Low-Speed sampler (Recorder) in a Single Unit
  • Separate Memory Management for Each sampler
  • High-Speed Sampling Triggered Only by Abnormal Events Occurring during Long-Term Observation (Low-Speed Sampling)
  • Long Memory Equivalent to 1 Teraword (1012)
  • Up to 1 GigaWord total memory
  • GIGAZoom function
  • Maximum of 16 analog channels and 16-bit logic inputs
  • Dual capture allows capture of main waveform at maximum sample rate of 100 kHz (roll mode region) and sub waveform at 10 MS/s maximum
  • Accomodates up to 8 Modules
  • Enhanced scope trigger capabilities provide users with a wide variety of triggering options
  • Trigger modes: Auto, auto-level, normal, single, single(N), and log
  • Floppy disk, ZIP disk and PC card drives available
  • 10 MS/s, 12 bits A/D resolution, 2-channel isolated module
  • 10.4-in SVGA color liquid crystal display

Designed for electro-mechanical systems, the ScopeCorder delivers higher vertical resolution, channel count, isolation, filtering, and abundant acquisition memory. As a diagnostic tool, the ScopeCorder offers all the analysis tools of a modern digital oscilloscope, like cursors, waveform parameter calculations, math and DSP channels, FFT's, and more.  In most cases, you can analyze your data and get results immediately, with no offline post-processing.

As a recorder, the ScopeCorder can automatically send you an email, print your captured data, sound an alarm, and save your data when it detects a fault condition. Whether your observation times are microseconds or months, the ScopeCorder will stay on the job, and your data will be waiting for you when you are ready for it.

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