DLR50-15-150A-1 TDI DC Electronic Load


Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 50V
  • Current: 15A
  • Power: 150W
  • Overload Rating: 10%
  • Self-Protection: Overvoltage-Less than 60V Overcurrent-Less than 20A Overpower-Less than 200W
  • Constant voltage is also provided for battery simulation
  • Remote programming inputs are located on the rear panel for easy connection of a 0-6V @ ImA
    DC program signal or waveform

The TDI DLR50-15-150A-1 is a 150 Watt, 50 Volt, 15 Amp DC Electronic Load. The DLR series is the original Dynaload and is designed for economy and versatility. These standard units offer the basic load functions of resistive loading and constant current loading

More Information
Current15 A
Voltage50 V
Power150 W
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