DSA91204A Agilent Digital Oscilloscope


Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 12 GHz 
  • 40 GSa/s on each of 4 analog channels
  • Standard 50 Mpts memory per channel, upgradeable to industry leading 1 Gpts
  • Includes Serial Data Analysis and EZJIT+ software
  • Industry's lowest noise floor at 2.80 mV at 100mV/div
  • Deepest jitter analysis capability (PRBS^23) and most accurate real-time Tj and Rj characterization for data rates at 8.5 Gb/s and below
  • Hardware accelerated de-embedding allows easy compensation for probe, fixture, and channel effects
  • Over 30 software applications for compliance, debugging and analysis including: SATA 6G, PCI EXPRESS® II, HDMI, Ethernet, DDR, etc
  • Our industry experts in key standards organizations ensure that our tools include the right measurements every time
  • Predefined test suites and complete reports mean technicians can execute tests thus freeing valuable engineering resource
  • Customize your Infiniium oscilloscope using User Defined Functions, User Defined Application, and My Infiniium for more efficient operation

Agilent's DSA90000A series oscilloscopes add Serial Data Analysis, EZJIT+, 50 M memory standard to the equivalent Agilent DSO90000A products. The Agilent DSA90000 series boasts industry-leading technology that allows for superior oscilloscope performance that goes beyond the specifications. Custom software to speed your measurement tasks can be fully integrated inside the oscilloscope application for seamless operation. Hardware acceleration aids measurement speeds and throughput. And our RF and probing experts have ensured that you get the most accurate measurements every time with less scope noise to interfere and probes that operate to the full bandwidth of the scope. The Agilent DSA90000A supports the following technologies: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, FibreChannel 2G and DDR3.

Agilent’s Infiniium DSA91204A oscilloscopes offer the industry’s lowest noise floor and most accurate real-time jitter measurements available on scopes of this bandwidth class. Complete with full-bandwidth probing solutions and hardware-accelerated de-embedding and equalization techniques, Agilent oscilloscopes are the best oscilloscope solution for today’s demanding high-speed measurements.

The industry’s lowest noise floor
Leveraging the company expertise in RF design, Agilent has invested in key technology blocks like our proprietary Faraday caged front end to significantly reduce our inherent scope noise floor. The result: the lowest noise floor available on any real-time oscilloscope from 2.5 GHz to 12 GHz.

The industry’s deepest memory
With 1 Gbyte of memory, low-frequency jitter components can be more quickly resolved in a single measurement. Statistical accuracy is improved with more data collection. Keysight’s integrated deep memory remains responsive and allows more comprehensive testing, supporting pattern lengths up to PRBS23 for accurate transmitter and receiver results.

We add full bandwidth probing and accurate de-embedding and equalization software
The performance of Agilent’s oscilloscopes is matched by the superiority of our probing, de-embedding and equalization offerings. Maintain full bandwidth performance to the probe tip with our InfiniiMax probing solutions. Render waveforms anywhere in the digital serial link with our hardware accelerated N5465A InfiniiSim Waveform Transformation Toolset. Configurable system modeling allows you to remove the deleterious effects of unwanted channel elements, simulate waveforms with channel models inserted, view waveforms in physically unprobeable locations, and compensate for loading of probes and fixtures. The N5461A Serial Data Equalization software allows you to model equalization techniques in real time.

Choose from a wide range of complete compliance applications
Choose from the industry’s widest range of complete applications for the Infiniium 90000 Series to ensure compliance to the leading industry standards, including SATA, PCI Express®, Ethernet, USB, and more. Comprehensive set-up wizards and full automation of the required testing take the guesswork out of demonstrating compliance quickly. Get further insight with our protocol and analysis decode available on PCI Express, SATA and USB.

Free up valuable engineering resources
Set-up wizards combined with intelligent test filtering make it simple to ensure the right tests are being run. Comprehensive HTML reports with visual documentation and pass/ fail results guarantee that critical information is retained on each test. Technicians can run complete and accurate testing on their own, freeing valuable engineering resources.

Streamline your debug and analysis tasks with the industry’s widest range of application software
Whether you need to trigger and decode serial buses, iron out the kinks in your memory designs, or see FFT based spectrum analysis of your signal, the Infiniium 90000 Series has application software to help. Our serial protocol views are unique to oscilloscopes, and our DDR debug tools support multiple generations of the standard. Quickly access additional features from the scope’s standard menus.

Customize your scope for even more efficiency
The N5414B-1NL InfiniiScan Event Identification software makes unique capabilities like Zone Qualify and Generic Serial triggering possible. Rapidly automate any scope measurement using the N5467B-1NL User Defined Application and have it appear seamlessly in your scope’s menu. Customize your Infiniium further by taking full advantage of MyInfiniium (standard on all 90000A Series oscilloscopes). Use MyInfiniium to deliver automated measurements, execute customized scripts, save screenshots, or load your favorite setup.

Frequency Domain Analysis
Infiniium’s built-in FFT allows users to quickly and easily analyze the frequency components of their signals. Both FFT magnitude and phase can be displayed and can be combined with other built-in math functions or Matlab based measurements. A resolution bandwidth of 6 kHz is supported with the standard 10 Megabytes of acquisition memory at the maximum sample rate of 40 GSa/s. With optional acquisition memory, installed resolution bandwidths of 2 kHz can be obtained. Standard windowing of Hanning, Flattop and Rectangular are supported along with cursor-based power measurements. When more powerful frequency domain measurements are required including modulation analysis, consider the Keysight 89601A Vector Signal Analyzer software.

Hardware Accelerated Differential and Common Mode Math
Select the channel menu and enable differential mode to enable hardware accelerated math capability. Enjoy full channel functionality including IniniiScan triggering and jitter analysis. Save time, by using the hardware acceleration for even faster update rates with your differential and common mode math needs.

The image is a representation of selection. See specifications for product details.

More Information
ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
Frequency12 GHz
Record Length50 MPts
Sampling Rate40 GS/s
01GMemory - 1G memory / channel upgrade - installed
064Compliance application eMMC - installed
100Memory - 100M memory / channel upgrade - installed
1CMRack mount kit
200Memory - 200M memory / channel upgrade - installed
500Memory - 500M memory / channel upgrade - installed
50MMemory - 50M memory / channel upgrade - installed
800Standard hard drive - installed
801Removable hard drive - installed
805GPIB card-interface - installed
823PCI express cards - installed
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