DSG5128 Rigol RF Generator


The DSG5128 is a 12 GHz, 8 channles rf generator from Rigol.

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  • Phase Stability
  • High Channel Density
  • High Performance and Capability
  • Highest accuracy for long term verication
  • Space saving solution for large systems
  • Extended frequency range for complex application 

The DSG5000 is a new multichannel Microwave Signal Generator. This is designed for high frequency signals in applications like radar and in quantum research. Models come in 2,4,6, or 8 channels in a single 2U full width mainframe. These instruments have impressive long term phase stability between channels of +/- 1 degree and output frequencies up to 20 GHz. 

As a premium microwave RF generator, these instruments are in a separate price class than our other products. They would not be stocked, but will be built to orders. RIGOL can support demo opportunities and test signals with interested customers. 

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