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E1301A Agilent Switch Mainframe


The E1301A is a switch mainframe from Agilent.

Additional Features:

  • B-Size Mainframe
  • Built-in Command Module
  • GPIB Interface and Resource Manager
  • Slots: 9 (7 external, 2 internal, 3 external A-size)
  • Connectors: P1

The Agilent E1301A mainframe contains a front panel keyboard and display. The E1301A provides a terminal based user interface (Display Terminal Interface) through the built-in, or optional plug-in serial interfaces. The mainframe handles such high level operations as language translation to IEEE-488.2 Common Commands and SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) commands; module-to-module synchronization; and memory management. When installed in the mainframe, SCPI-compatible register-based plug-in modules behave as independent instruments operating under control of SCPI commands and Common Commands. Plug-in modules that are not SCPI-compatible must be programmed at a register level.

SCPI-compatible plug-in modules installed in the mainframe are treated as independent instruments each having a unique secondary HP-IB address. Each instrument is assigned a dedicated error queue, input and output buffers, status registers and, if applicable, dedicated mainframe memory space for readings or data. An instrument may be composed of a single plug-in module (such as a counter) or multiple plug-in modules (for a Switchbox or Scanning Voltmeter Instrument). In addition, the mainframe contains a built-in instrument called the System Instrument which has a Pacer for timing external devices. The System Instrument also can control the built-in RS-232, as well as up to seven optional HP E1324A plug-in serial interfaces.

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