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EC1000SA NF Corporation AC Source

The EC1000SA is a 1000 VA AC Source from NF Corporation. AC Sources supply AC voltage and current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. applications include Research, Design, ATE applications, and QA to name a few.

Additional Features:

  • Output Power: 1 kVA AC and 1 kW DC
  • Max. Output Voltage: 310 V
  • Max Peak Current: 4 times
  • Measurement, Sequence, Current Limiter and Protection Function
  • Small and Light
  • Large-screen Display
  • Universal Outlet
  • Worldwide Power Supply Input
  • Abundant Functions for Improving the Efficiency of Power Supply Testing

External Signal Input

  • EXT: Amplifies external signal, used as a power amplifier
  • SYNC: Synchronization of signal source frequency with external signals
  • ADD: Addition of external signals to internal signals

Setting Range Limit Function

  • Limits the setting range for the output voltage and frequency
  • Setting Memory: 30 setting statuses

Control Software

The control software enables basic parameter settings, data logging, arbitrary wave editing/transfer, and sequence editing/ control. It supports automation of measurement data analysis in product development and of various tests in production lines.

  • Sequence : Edit, execute and save a series of output variation pattern
  • Arbitrary Waveform : Create and edit waveforms
  • Logging : Read and save measured values

Measurement function
The EC series is equipped with high accuracy measurement functions for measuring synchronization frequencies, load power factors, and even the harmonic currents, in addition to the voltage, current and output power. Setting values and measurement values are simultaneously displayed on large-screen display.


  • Output voltage (effective, DC average, and peak values)
  • Output current (effective value, DC average value, peak value, and peak value hold)
  • Output power (active, apparent, and reactive power)
  • Frequency (at external synchronization)
  • Load power factor
  • Load crest factor (CF)
  • Output harmonic current (fundamental wave: 50/60 Hz, up to the 40th order)

Interface and External Control I/O
Interfaces and an external control I/O provide support for system integration and automation.

  • RS-232
  • USB
  • External control I/O
  • Control input: output on/off, sequence control, memory recall
  • Status output: power on/off, output on/off, protection operation, limiter operation, output range, sequence, etc.


  • LED Driver Input Voltage Test: Support for LED driver input voltage of AC90V to 305V
  • Evaluation of DC-DC Converter: For Noise superimposition test and ripple test
  • Driving Transformers and Inductive Loads: Prevention of magnetic saturation by adjusting DC offset voltage to zero

The EC1000SA provides not only a stable power supply, but also the necessary functions for power supply testing, such as measurement, current limiter, and sequence functions. It covers various applications as a power source for testing a wide range of fields, such as electronic components, automobiles, and home appliances, and as a stabilized power source in laboratories as well.

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