GPM-8330 Instek Power Meter

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  • 3 Channel Digital Power Meter with LAN/USB/RS-232
  • 5” TFT LCD
  • Voltage/Current Test Freq. Bandwidth: DC, 0.1Hz~ 100kHz
  • Waveform Display: V (Voltage), I (Current), P (Wattage)
  • Distorted wave Current/Voltage measurement: full range for CF=3, and half range for CF=6 (or 6A)
  • Meeting IEC 61000-4-7 harmonic measurement (50/60Hz)
  • Wiring selecting button (1P3W,3P3W,3P4W,3V3A)
  • Harmonic measurement & analysis up to 50 orders
  • Auto ranging function for Integration mode
  • Screen Capture through USB host
  • Provide external current sensor input (EXT1/EXT2)
  • Standard Interface: RS-232C, USB device/ host, LAN: Optional Interface: GPM-DA12 - GPIB + Digital I/O (factory installed only)

GW Instek GPM-8320/8330 are digital power meters designed specifically for measuring power in three-phase AC power sources, making it suitable for most electrical and electronic product testing applications (GPM-8320 provides 2 modules, and GPM-8330 provides 3 modules). These models have a testing bandwidth of DC, 0.1Hz~100 kHz and feature 16-bit A/D converters and a sampling rate of 300 kHz. A 5-inch TFT LCD display, 5 digits of measurement readings, 25 different power measurement parameters, and high precision measurement capabilities are also provided.

GPM-8320/8330 also feature waveform display capabilities (voltage/current/power), the integration measurement function, harmonics measurement and analysis of multiple orders (50/60Hz measurement complies with IEC61000-4-7 requirements), external sensor input terminals, and a variety of communications interfaces. These features help users achieve clear, convenient, and accurate power measurements, making them the most fully-featured and cost-effective power meters in the same category.

GPM-8320/8330 provide multiple input voltage configuration wiring modes (1P3W/3P3W/3P4W/3V3A). Users can choose the wiring mode according to their specific requirements to measure parameters for specific wiring methods, and even calculate efficiency. In addition, for a rated input voltage of 1000V and an input current of 20A, they support a minimum current range of 0.5A (resolution of 0.1mA), power measurement resolution of 0.1mW, crest factor of 3 (for half range, the CF can reach up to 6 or 6A), and voltage/current/power measurement accuracy of ±0.1% reading ±0.05% range. Users can select different measurement modes (AC+DC/ AC/ DC/ V-MEAN) to provide up to 25 related parameters for power measurement.

These parameters include voltage (Vrms/ Vac/ Vdc/ Vmn/ V+pk / V-pk), current (Irms/ Iac/ Idc/ I+pk/ I-pk), frequency (VHz/ IHz), power (P/ P+pk/ P-pk), crest factor (CFV/ CFI), apparent power (VA), reactive power (VAR), power factor (PF), phase angle (DEG), total harmonic distortion (THDV/ THDI), maximum current ratio (MCR), and MATH calculation function. Therefore, they provide the best range and accuracy support for measuring the power consumption of electrical and electronic products.

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