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HA2 JDSU Optical Attenuator

The HA2 is a used Optical Attenuator from JDSU. Attenuators are a type of test equipment that’s useful during Optical design. When an engineer needs to reduce (attenuate) the level of an optical signal, he or she uses an attenuator.
Additional Features:
  • Operating wavelength range: 1280-1670 nm
  • Attenuation: 50dB
The new JDS Uniphase HA2 Programmable Attenuator provides a wavelength dependence of ± 0.05 dB and input power up to 1 W (30 dBm). The HA2 is suitable for a variety of applications including amplifier testing and DWDM system characterization.
The JDS Uniphase Programmable Attenuator is a high resolution, extended-range, programmable attenuator ideal for testing power meters and for general test and laboratory work.
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