HM5006 Hameg Spectrum Analyzer


Additional Features:

  • Frequency Range: 0.15 MHz - 500 MHz.
  • 4 Digit Display (Center & Marker Frequency, 0.15 MHz resolution)
  • Amplitude Range: –100 to +13dBm
  • Filters: 20 kHz, 250 kHz and Video Filter
  • Tracking Generator
  • Output Power: +1dBm to –50dBm (50W)

The HM5006 Spectrum Analyzer is the ideal instrument for analyzing any kind of signal within the frequency range of 0.15 to 500 MHz. The HM5006 includes a Scanwidth Selector that can adjust the frequency display width from 50 kHz to 50 MHz per division. The analyzer can measure low amplitude signals and has a measurement range of over 113dB. Including switchable attenuators, a range of -100dBm to +13dBm can be measured with 80dB being displayed on the screen at 10dB/division.  In "Zero Scan Mode" selective amplitude level measurements can be performed, while tuned to a fixed frequency.

The HM5006 includes a 4 digit numeric LED readout that can selectively display either the Center or Marker Frequency. Frequency measurement is accomplished by adjusting a needle-like cursor to the point of interest on the display and reading the 4 digit Marker Frequency value. The model HM5006 also includes a Tracking Generator that permits  a two port measurement that is useful in network and filter passband analysis. The Tracking Generator is a frequency synchronous signal source with a range of 150 kHz to 500 MHz that is controlled by the frequency of the spectrum analyzer. The output level is adjustable from –50dBm to +1dBm in four 10dB switchable steps in addition to an 11dB rotary variable attenuator control.

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Frequency500 MHz
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