HST-3000 SIM Acterna Analyzer

The HST-3000 SIM is an analyzer from Acterna. Analyzers are key tools to test electronic equipment in the engineering, medical, automotive, and technological industries. Use analyzers for monitoring the performances of many different types of electronic devices. You may need analyzers for the measurement of components such as audio spectrums, voltages and currents, signals, and frequencies.

Additional Features:

  • Datacom X.21, V.24 (RS232), V.35, V.36 (RS449), EIA530
  • G.703: 2 Mb/s Testing
  • 2 RX/2 TX: E1 Interfaces
  • Bulk, n x 64 kb/s BERT
  • G.821, G.826, M.2100
  • Audio Monitor
  • Signal Level and Frequency
  • Round-Trip Delay
  • Event Log and Histograms
  • Pulse Shape
  • Frame Relay
  • Impedance: 120Ω
  • Unbalanced/75Ω via adapter cables
  • Bit Rate: 2048 kbit/s ±3 ppm, +1 ppm per year aging
  • Line Code: HDB3 or AMI
  • Frequency Offset: ±100 ppm in 1 ppm intervals
  • Slip Reference: Opposite RX, External E1 Reference Clock
  • Clock Reference: Internal, Recovered from RX1 or RX2, External E1 Reference Clock (via optional cable)
  • Operating temperature: -5.5 to 50°C (22 to 122°F)
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 65.5°C (-40 to 150°F)
  • Display: 3.8" diagonal, 1/4 VGA, Color Active Matrix with backlight (readable in direct sunlight)

The HST-3000 E1/Datacom Service Interface Module (SIM) delivers the full functionality required for technicians tasked with ensuring and delivering high quality of service (QoS) for E1/Datacom. The E1 SIM provides the complete range of installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting features needed for E1/Datacom circuits and network elements.

Rugged, versatile, and portable, the HST-3000 is the ideal field instrument to rest the complete circuit--from the customer premises through the entire network--by analyzing the performance of the digital link in both directions. It also can verify operation or locate network problems by generating bit error rate test (BERT) patterns and by testing frame relay service. In addition to testing the physical circuit, the HST can test the service and the application. The modular plug-in hardware and software architecture can be scaled to test copper, ADSL, ADSL2+, G.SHDSL, IP, Ethernet, VoIP, and IP Video.

Workgroups can rely on this functionality as networks migrate from circuit-to packet-switched infrastructures that support the triple play of voice, video, and data over Ethernet. The HST-3000 is an efficient, economical tool service providers can rely on to simplify processes, expedite task completion, and ensure reliable E1 and Datacom service delivery.

Dual E1 RX/TX

Two separate receivers (RX) and transmitters (TX) allow for the simultaneous monitoring and evaluation of a wide range of alarms and errors. Different test modes with clock preferences support all of the requirements for ITU-T, G.703 frame analysis, BERT, ITU-T G.821, ITU-T G.826, and ITU-T M.2100, which enables operators to validate connectivity and QoS quickly and efficiently.

Bidirectional Monitoring

The HST-3000 can monitor transmission passively in both directions to confirm physical layer and service level results on E1/Datacom circuits.

Timing Analysis

When using synchronous timing, the receiving device must be properly synchronized to the clock signal, or misinterpretation of bits can cause bit errors and timing slips. The HST-3000 provides internal source options and an external clock adapter cable, allowing technicians to diagnose and correct network timing problems rapidly.

Datacom DTE/DCE Emulation

The HST-3000 can replace either a data terminal equipment (DTE) or data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) device and can test head-to-head with existing network elements. Emulating the customer premises equipment (CPE) enables technicians to control handshaking states between DTE and DCE devices to ensure proper transitions and to verify connectivity. Technicians can sectionalize problems in the network by qualifying proper data transmissions and signaling states.

Traffic Generation

With the HST-3000, technicians can send BERT patterns to verify error-free performance by transmitting ANSI, ITU, and user-programmable test patterns. They can test head-to-head with other JDSU equipment or via loopback mechanisms. Performance measurements such as Round-Trip Delay, G.821, G.826, and M.2100 allow technicians to verify that all circuit parameters fall within the required level of performance.

Verify End-to-End Connectivity

Technicians can quickly isolate any problem to a specific direction by analyzing the performance of the entire digital link in both directions. After the circuit is installed, the HST-3000 can be used to qualify proper channel routing, delay, and performance over the entire link.

Auto Configure

The Auto Configure feature greatly simplifies instrument setup. For a framed signal, the HST-3000 can determine the framing and test pattern types.

Programmable Timers

The HST-3000 can be programmed to start a delayed test at a specific date and time for a selected duration.

Self-Loop Testing

The HST-3000 provides an internal Datacom self-loop testing feature that connects the transmitter to the receiver without involving external cables. This feature allows technicians to validate the unit setting and the selected test interface on the HST-3000. An external cable test feature verifies both the amplifiers and the current emulation cable.

User-Configurable Set-Up

Technicians can select and configure the test interface, timing mode, timing source, data rate, flow control, and test pattern on the HST-3000. In addition to standard software LED result pages, the HST-3000 contains user-defined hardware Datacom LEDs on the module, displaying signal states.

Saved Results

The HST-3000 can save hundreds of results that can be exported directly to a printer or a PC via serial, Ethernet, or USB ports, which can then be e-mailed, printed, or saved onto a PC or USB device.

VT100 Emulation

With the HST-3000 VT100 emulation feature, technicians can access E1 and HDSL network equipment for configuration, performance data measurements, and loopback capabilities without having to carry a PC or laptop into the field.

Flexible and Rugged Design

The HST-3000 incorporates a rugged, weather-resistant design and long battery life that are ideally suited for use in the field. Standard Ethernet, USB, and serial ports offer flexibility for easily downloading software and offloading captured test data. Highly configurable, technicians with differing responsibilities can use the HST-3000 to perform a wide variety of tests. The HST-3000 is based on a modular platform, allowing for the addition of upgrades and options in the field. This flexibility also allows for the support of future growth in new technologies and advanced options to accommodate the changing needs of versatile technicians.

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