HVP120 Teledyne LeCroy Voltage Probe

The HVP120 is a 400 MHz, 1 kV voltage probe from Teledyne LeCroy.
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  • LeCroy, Probe, High-Voltage, Passive
  • 400 MHz
  • 1kV Vrms 
  • Attenuation Ratio 100:1 ± 2% 
  • Input Capacitance 7.5 pF (typical) 

The HVP120 is a high voltage passive probe designed for probing up to 1,000 Vrms and capable of handling up to 6,000 V peak transients. Its fast rise time and excellent frequency response make it suitable for a wide variety of high voltage measurement applications. The HVP120 features a spring loaded probe tip and a variety of standard accessories to make probing high voltages safe and easy.

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