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I-V 400 W HT Instruments Curve Tracer

The I-V 400 W is a Curve Tracer from HT Instruments. A curve tracer, or curve checker, is a type of electronic test equipment engineers use to analyze semiconductor device characteristics. Curve tracers contain current and voltage sources to stimulate the equipment under test (EUT). A curve tracer applies a swept voltage to two terminals of the EUT, measuring the level of current flowing at each voltage.

Additional Features:

  • Measurement of output voltage from module/string up to 1000V DC
  • Measurement of output current from module/string up to 15A DC
  • 128 I-V curve points in Std or Capacitive mode
  • Measurement Voc-Isc-Pmax-Vmpp-Impp-Fill Factor
  • Measurement of solar irradiation [W/m2] with reference cell
  • Measurement of temperature, automatic or by means of probe PT1000
  • Measurement of output DC and nominal power from module/string
  • Numerical and graphical display of I-V characteristic
  • Measurement of the resistance of photovoltaic module series
  • Mechanical inclinometer for incidence angle of solar irradiation
  • 4-terminal measuring method
  • Comparison with standard conditions (STC 1000 W/m2, 25C)
  • Evaluation of testing result: OK / NO
  • Management of up to 30 types of modules in the internal database (up to 30.000 upgradeable by software)
  • Internal memory for data saving
  • Recalling results on the display
  • Optical/USB port for PC connection
  • Wifi
  • Help on line on the display

The I-V400W allows the on field measurement of I-V curve as well as of the main parameters of a single module and of a whole photovoltaic system up to a maximum of 1000V and 15A. The acquired data are then worked out and transferred to the reference conditions (STC) in order to compare them with the rated data declared by the manufacturer of those modules. The comparison between the detected and the rated data permits to immediately determine whether the string or the module respect the parameters declared by the manufacturer. The instrument allows to perform quick tests (IVCK) to measure the open voltage Voc and short circuit current Isc on PV module/strings output also without irradiation conditions.

The I-V400W manages an internal database of the most common photovoltaic modules. Such a database can be updates at any time by the user both through the management software and directly through the instrument’s interface. The saved data can be downloaded to PC also with WiFi connection.

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