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LC103 Sencore Capacitance Meter

The LC103 is a Bench capacitance meter from Sencore.

Additional Features:

  • Pinpoints bad capacitors and inductors “in-circuit”, and automatically tells you when further out-of-circuit tests  are required
  • Analyzes capacitors for all four failures out-of-circuit: Value from 1 pF to 20F; Equivalent series resistance; Leakage with up to 1,000 volts applied; Dielectric absorption
  • Tests SMT components in-circuit and accurately with  exclusive, time-saving test accessories
  • Analyzes inductors with exclusive, patented tests for: Value from .1uH to 20 H; Opens or shorts
  • Even one shorted turn with patented “Ringer” test
  • Makes all tests, compares the results to EIA standards, and tells you “GOOD” or “BAD” – automatically
  • Tests SCRs and triacs with optional SCR250 accessory


  • Electronic Repair for in or out of circuit analysis of capacitors and inductors
  • Test and analyze high voltage capacitors used in broadcast transmitters
  • Troubleshoot IGBT’s in electric motors and other industrial applications
  • Verify and analyze critical components in power generation facilities

The Sencore LC103 take the guesswork out of capacitor and inductor testing. It provides in-circuit capacitor value and ESR tests along with automatic out-of-circuit test for capacitor value, leakage, ESR and dielectric absorption. Inductors are automatically analyzed in-circuit for value or out-of-circuit for value and quality with patented tests.

The LC103 is a complete, automatic, microprocessor-controlled capacitor and inductor analyzer. It’s features make it ideally suited for both single component analyzing in service or maintenance work, or for large volume, both testing in a lab or incoming inspection.

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