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LDT-5525 ILX Lightwave Fiber Optic Equipment

The LDT-5525 is a Thermoelectric Temperature Controller from ILX Lightwave.

Additional Features:

  • High accuracy, high stability control
  • Typical drift less than ±0.004°C
  • Wide temperature range: –99°C to 199°C
  • Low-noise 24W bipolar output
  • Operational with most thermistors and IC temperature sensors

The ILX Lightwave LDT-5525 is a precision, low cost thermoelectric temperature controller optimized for temperature control of laser diodes and photodetectors. It provides up to 4A to a TE module and features direct temperature readout
of thermistors and IC temperature sensors.

The ILX Lightwave LDT-5525 utilizes an advanced hybrid smart-integrator algorithm to ensure fast settling times and maintain high temperature stability, typically within±0.004°C. The instrument can be operated in the user's choice of either constant temperature, constant resistance, or constant current modes.

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