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LP2560 BK Precision Logic Probe

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The LP2560 is a logic probe from BK Precision. Use an electrical probe to test equipment and measure currents and voltages. Probes are an integral part of any electrical power testing toolbox to ensure accurate measurements, reliability, and safety. Use a high-voltage probe meter for voltages of 0 to 40,000 direct current (VDC).
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Additional Features:

  • Logic Probe: 16 Digital Channels
  • Color-coded 
  • Consists of two eight-channel pods
  • For use with 2560 series oscilloscopes


  • Sample Rate: 500 MSa/s
  • Memory Depth: 14 Mpts/Ch
  • Maximum Input Voltage: ± 20 Vpeak
  • Threshold Accuracy: ± (3% of threshold setting + 150 mV)
  • Input Dynamic Range: ± 10 V
  • Minimum Input Voltage Swing: 800 mVpp
  • Input Impedance: 100 kΩ|| 18 pF
  • Maximum Input Frequency: 60 MHz
  • Minimum Detectable Pulse Width: 8.3 ns
  • Ch to Ch Skew: ± (1 digital sample interval)
  • User Defined Threshold Range: ± 3 V in 10 mV steps
  • Threshold Selections: TTL, CMOS, LVCMOS3.3, LVCMOS2.5, Custom (-3 to +3 V)

The BK Precision LP2560 is a logic probe that provides access to the 16 digital channels when the Digital Software (LP2560) is enabled on the 2560 Series. The LP2560 comes standard with all BK Precision -MSO models.

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