MA24510A Anritsu Power Analyzer



  • Low power capability to measure signals as low as –90 dBm
  • Excellent for over-the-air testing, especially with mmWave signals that have high propagation loss
  • User settings to control measurement speeds and noise floor
  • Channel Monitor mode in PowerXpert for monitoring up to six frequency channels at once
  • Power Hunter mode in PowerXpert for searching up to six signals within a frequency range
  • Mounting holes for direct mounting to connect probes for over-the-air or on-wafer testing


  • Frequency Range: 9 kHz — 110 GHz
  • Measurement Range: -90 — +10 dBm
  • SWR (x:1): 9 kHz — ≤ 12.4 GHz 1.29
  • Amplitude Accuracy (dB, Typical): ±1.0 dB, typical
  • RF Connector: W(m) Connector

Power Master is an ultraportable, USB-powered mmWave power analyzer that enables simple, numeric, frequency-based measurement of RF power from 9 kHz to 110 GHz and as low as -90 dBm. Traditional power meters are broadband and have limited power ranges, so engineers and technicians are using spectrum analyzers that include many unneeded features, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and take up half the test bench just to make simple, frequency-based RF amplitude measurements. The Power Master MA24510A enables those measurements in a USB-powered device slightly bigger than a smartphone and at a fraction of the price of a spectrum analyzer.

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