MS0902D Anritsu Optical Generator



  • Measures optical loss up to 67 dB
  • Measures CW and modulated light
  • Provides calibration function of 5 NM steps at 3 wavelengths
  • Also measures optical return loss (0 to 40 dB)
  • Operates in 3 modes; AC, rechargeable battery, and dry cells
  • Various Connectors

The MS9020D is a handy optical measuring instrument that incorporates an LD or an LED light source and an optical power meter. It can also be used for return loss measurement. Every unit of the LD light source (4 types), LED source (7 types), the sensors (8 types) and the return loss measurement unit (1 type) is a plug in type, for easy exchange and highest suitability for field use.

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