P6046 Tektronix Differential Probe


Additional Features:

  • Active Differential System
  • DC to 100 MHz
  • 1X/10X Differential
  • 10,000:1 CMRR Derating to 1,000:1 at 50 MHz
  • +/- 250V Maximum Voltage with 10X Attenuator
  • Dual Probe Tip for Greater Cmrr at High Frequencies


  • Power Supplies
  • Disk Drives
  • Digital Design
  • Telecommunications

The Tektronix P6046 is a self-contained active differential system consisting of a Differential Probe and Amplifier. The Active FET amplifier at the dual-inputs reduce circuit loading. Combined with the differential processing occurrring in the probe head, the P6046 provides superior common mode rejection ratios (CMRR) at high frequencies typically 10,000:1 out to 50 kHz, derating to 5,000:1 at 1 MHz.

Since the P6046 is self-contained, it provides a differential output into a single channel of any oscilloscope. System controls enable you to select AC or DC coupling, adjust the DC balance and select mV/div from 1 to 200 mV (10 mV to 2 V with attenuator head) in standard 1, 2, 5 steps.

More Information
Frequency100 MHz
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