P6246 Tektronix Differential Probe



  • 400 MHz differential probe
  • Low input capacitance: <1 pF differential
  • Probe input connector: two standard 0.025 in./0.63 mm (0.1 in. center) square pin receptacle (female)
  • Electrostatic discharge tolerant (IEC 801-2)
  • For use with oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, or network analyzers
  • >60 dB (1000:1) Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
  • Small probe head allows easy probing of SMDs

The P6246 Differential Probes enable users to make time-domain or frequency-domain measurements on high-bandwidth signals commonly found in disk drive, digital IC design (RAMBUS), and communication applications (Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE-1394 Firewire, and Fibre Channel). The P6248 includes accessories that allow RAMBUS via probing and IEEE-1394 interconnect access. The small probe head geometry and assorted probe tip accessories allow these probes to easily accommodate manual probing of surface-mount devices while maintaining high CMRR.

More Information
Frequency400 MHz
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