PXI-6551 National Instruments PXI

The PXI-6551 is a pxi from National Instruments.

Additional Features:

  • 50 MHz maximum clock rate
  • -2.0 to 5.5 V voltage levels, programmable in 10 mV steps
  • 20 channels with per cycle, per channel bidirectional control
  • 1, 8, or 64 Mbits per channel onboard memory
  • Real-time hardware comparison of acquired response data

The PXI-6551 is a 50 MHz stimulus-response digital waveform generator/analyzer. It features 20 channels with programmable voltage levels and per clock cycle, per channel direction control. The module contains deep onboard memory with triggering and pattern sequencing. The latest version of the NI-HSDIO driver software adds the ability to perform on-the-fly comparisons of expected data with acquired response data. With these module features, you can implement a wide range of digital stimulus-response applications, such as functional testing of memory chips and bidirectional communication.

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