R2660A Motorola Service Monitor


The R2660A is a service monitor from Motorola. A communication service monitor is a rugged piece of test equipment that can be taken into the field to conduct measurements. The unit traditionally has a spectrum analyzer and a tracking generator to allow an engineer or technician to monitor communications equipment.

Additional Features:

  • 50 MHz Tracking Generator
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Duplex
  • Terminated RF Wattmeter
  • Programmable Test Memory
  • Relative Signal Strength Meter
  • RF Scan/RF Counter Function
  • Signaling Simulator: Encoder and Decoder
  • General Purpose & Modulation Oscilloscope
  • AM, FM Signal Generator
  • Off-the-Air Sensitive Receiver
  • Graphic Screen Print, and Self-Calibration
  • RS-232/Serial Printer Interface
  • Cable Fault

In TDMA mode, the R-2660A provides the following special measurement features:

  • Average power meter
  • Frequency error meter
  • SQE (Signal Quality Estimate)
  • BER (Bit Error Rate)

The Motorola R-2660A is a Communications System Analyzer. As an addition to Motorola’s test equipment family, the R-2660A is designed to provide fully compatible testing of iDEN radio systems. Whether you’re testing subscriber units or site equipment, the R-2660A offers the unique capability to test iDEN systems under actual TDMA operating conditions in either 6:1 or 3:1 format. Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities are provided to facilitate fault isolation and repair.

In addition, the unit also provides dedicated screen displays for convenient observation or printout; innovative use of soft keys and windowing; fast reacting auto ranging scales with both analog and digital readouts; and signaling encode and decode functions – all built into a versatile, rugged, and compact test unit designed specifically to meet the tough demands of the field service environment.

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