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RP1100D Rigol Differential Probe

The RP1100D is a 100 MHz differential probe from Rigol.
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  • High Voltage Differential Probe
  • DC-100 MHz
  • 7000 Vpp

Works with-

  • DS1
  • DS1Z
  • DS2
  • DS4
  • DS6
  • MSO1
  • MSO2
  • MSO4


  • User’s Guide - Chinese & English
  • AC power adaptor that accords with the standard of the destination country
  • Dual-BNC coaxial cable -  50Ω impedance RG58C UL 100cm length
  • High voltage dedicated Dual-banana plug silicon cable -  UL 6KV 18AWG 60cm length - Red: 1; Black: 1
  • High voltage dedicated IC clip - maximum 6500V (DC+AC p-p) - Red: 1; Black: 1
  • Safety contact probe prod - UL 1000V,CAT III - Red: 1; Black: 1

The Rigol RP1100D high voltage differential probe can convert high differential input voltage to low voltage and display the waveform on oscilloscope. Its working frequency is up to 100MHz and it is rather suitable for large electricity test and R&D. The RP1100D high voltage differential probe is applicable to general purpose oscilloscope and the labeled attenuation ratios are those when the input impedance of the oscilloscope is 1MΩ. The attenuation ratios will double when the input impedance of the oscilloscope is 50Ω.

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