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RSA6114A Tektronix Spectrum Analyzer


The RSA6114A is a 14 GHz Spectrum Analyzer from Tektronix.

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  • Frequency range: 9 kHz-14 GHz
  • 20 dBm 3rd Order Intercept at 2 GHz, Typical
  • Displayed Average Noise Level –151 dBm/Hz at 2 GHz (–170 dBm/Hz, Preamp On, typical) enables Low-level Signal Search
  • ±0.5 dB Absolute Amplitude Accuracy to 3 GHz for High Measurement Confidence
  • Fully Preselected and Image Free at All Times for Maximum Dynamic Range at Any Acquisition Bandwidth
  • Fastest High-resolution Sweep Speed: 1 GHz sweep in 10 kHz RBW in less than 1 second


  • DPX Spectrum Processing provides an Intuitive Understanding of Time-varying RF Signals with Color-graded Displays based on Frequency of Occurrence
  • Revolutionary DPX Displays Transients with a Minimum Event Duration of 3.7 μs
  • Swept DPX Spectrum enables Unprecedented Signal Discovery over Full Instrument Span


  • Trigger on Frequency Edge or Power Level Transients with a Minimum Event Duration of 3.8 μs in the Frequency Domain, 9.1 ns in Time Domain
  • DPX Density Trigger Activated Directly from DPX Display
  • Time-qualified and Runt Triggers Trap Elusive Transients
  • Frequency Mask Trigger Captures Any Change in Frequency Domain


  • Up to 1.7 s Acquisitions at 110 MHz Bandwidth can be Directly Stored as MATLAB Compatible Files
  • Gap-free Spectrogram Records up to 4444 Days of Spectral Information for Analysis and Replay
  • Interfaces with TekConnect Probes for RF Probing


  • Time-correlated Multidomain Displays for Quicker Understanding of Cause and Effect when Troubleshooting
  • Power, Spectrum, and Statistics Measurements help you Characterize Components and Systems: Channel Power, ACLR, Power vs. Time, CCDF, OBW/EBW, and Spur Search
  • AM/FM/PM Modulation and Audio Measurements (Opt. 10)
  • Phase Noise and Jitter Measurements (Opt. 11)
  • Settling Time Measurements, Frequency, and Phase (Opt. 12)
  • Pulse Measurements (Opt. 20) – Over 20 Vector and Scalar Parameters including Rise Time, Pulse Width, Pulse-to-Pulse Phase provide Deep Insight into Pulse Train Behavior
  • General Purpose Digital Modulation Analysis (Opt. 21) provides Vector Signal Analyzer Functionality for Over 20 Modulation Types
  • Flexible OFDM analysis of 802.11a/g/j and WiMAX 802.16-2004


  • Spectrum Management – Find Interference and Unknown Signals
  • Radar/EW – Full Characterization of Pulsed and Hopping Systems Characterize Radar and Pulsed RF Signals
  • RF Debug – Components, Modules, and Systems
  • Radio/Satellite Communications – Analyze Time-variant Behavior of Cognitive Radio and Software-defined Radio Systems
  • EMI Diagnostics – Increase Confidence that Designs will Pass Compliance Testing

The RSA6114A replaces conventional high-performance signal analyzers, offering the measurement confidence and functionality you demand for everyday tasks. A typical 20 dBm TOI and –151 dBm/Hz DANL at 2 GHz gives you the dynamic range you expect for challenging spectrum analysis measurements. All analysis is fully preselected and image free. The RSA6114A uses broadband preselection filters that are always in the signal path. You never have to compromise between dynamic range and analysis bandwidth by ‘switching out the preselector’.

A complete toolset of power and signal statistics measurements is standard, including Channel Power, ACLR, CCDF, Occupied Bandwidth, AM/FM/PM, and Spurious measurements. Available Phase Noise and General Purpose Modulation Analysis measurements round out the expected set of high-performance analysis tools.

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