SA-78 Rion Analyzer



  • Hand-held, battery operated 2-channel FFT analyzer
  • Designed for on-site use facilitates transfer function and other measurements
  • For quality control, machine fault detection and diagnosis or sound and vibration analysis in the field
  • Direct input for microphone or accelerometer with preamplifier


  • Measured entity: for electrical networks
  • Measured value: spectrum
  • Configuration: portable
  • Dual-channel, FFT

The Rion SA-78 two-channel, handheld FFT analyzer allows for transfer function measurements in the field. Data is stored and then can be easily transferred via USB to a computer. The operating deflection shapes are displayed by post-processing the data by one of a number of available graphics programs. The SA-78 also offers octave analysis, waveform analysis, and measurement up to 80 kHz to support ultrasonic analysis. Measurement by both accelerometers and microphones are supported by the Rion SA-78.

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